Time management from Islamic and Administrative perspective

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  • Ruling of Peace Treaties with the Jews

    It is the victory of the Jews, notwithstanding that they are a small group, over the Muslim ’ummah in four successive wars. The Arab Muslims whom these defeats have affected concur about the indispensability of concluding peace and compromise with the Jews, saying that there is no alternative before them and offering the excuse that the Jews are helped by the Western nations and America while the Muslims have no power and authority in their favour. And after having extended their hands for compromise with the Jews some of the Arabs have in fact concluded treaties with them calling these Peace Treaties. Since these treaties contain conditions that are invalid, more harmful and graver than defeats in the wars, and since people are asking about what should the Muslims' attitude be towards the Jews and towards the Peace Treaties that have been concluded, and because Allah Subhânahu wa Ta‘âlâ has taken a ovenant of those who are given knowledge to elucidate and not to conceal anything, I have liked to write briefly about the attitude which, according to sharî‘ah, the members of the Islamic ’ummah should adopt towards these treaties they call Peace Treaties.

    Publisher: http://www.salafi.net - Salafi Website

    Source: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/51815


  • The Authentic Creed and the Invalidators of Islam

    A discussion of the 'pillars' of Eemaan and the factors which invalidate ISlam and remove a person from its fold.

    Source: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/1227


  • A Guide to Prayer in Islam

    A Guide to Prayer in Islam: Each worship has a quality and manner demonstrated by Allah or by His prophet peace be upon him. So the writer of this message said in the introduction: "This is a brief about the manner of praying of the prophet introduced to each Muslim to try hard to follow him.

    Reveiwers: Muhammad AbdulRaoof

    Publisher: Cooperative Office for Propagation, Guidance, and Warning of Expatriates in the city of Sultanah, Riyadh - A website Islamic Library www.islamicbook.ws

    Source: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/330955


  • Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions

    Most of those who come to Saudi Arabia either as visitors or workers are often awe-struck at the vast development all over the country. They admit that their image of Saudi society was very different before they arrived and lived in it. "Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions" aims at presenting simple and comprehensive answers for many questions that may be raised by others about Saudi Arabia. The answers to the questions in this book were formulated in a simple way reflecting the various political, economic, cultural and social aspects of life in Saudi Arabia. This will make this book an important reference that facilitates information and cultural communication between KSA and other countries and people.

    Source: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/324622


  • The True Message of Jesus Christ

    An explanation of the 'real' message and relgion which Jesus (peace be upon him) came with, from both the Bible and the Qur'an.

    Source: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/1249


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